Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vixen in Paperback, Plus Odds and Ends

First, because I'm very excited about it, I want to show you this:

Yes, it's the proof for the paperback version of Vixen!

You can get your very own copy from Amazon, in trade pb size (that's the larger 9x6 inch size). So far it only seems to be available in the US Amazon store, but it should show up in the others shortly. We'll also be enabling expanded distribution, so you'll eventually be able to buy it from other stores and even order if from your local bookshop. Updates on that as I have them.

There are a few small differences from the e-book version (aside from the cover). Some typos have been corrected (I'm sure there are still some lurking in there, but I hope we got most of them this time), and a small problem with tenses I discovered in one paragraph have been fixed. There's also a sneak preview of the first chapter from book two, Hexen! We'll be updating the e-book version soon to match, but we want to make the Kindle version, at least, look as nice as the print book, so we have some InDesign plug-in wrangling to do. Updates on that soon, too. And in a couple of weeks, the e-book will also be available on other platforms.

Odds and Ends

I'm swamped with dayjob work this week, so I'll continue my look at defining UF next week. I'm also planning to do more reviewing here. I just finished Patricia Briggs' River Marked, so I'll have a review of that up soonish.

And if you're a writer of UF, PNR, or something similar and you'd like me to review your book, get in touch. You'll find my email on my profile page (link over the the right and down somewhere). I may not be able to get to it quickly, but I will eventually, and any review I write will also get posted to Goodreads and LibraryThing, and maybe also Shelfari (and possibly the Amazons).

If you like free books and haven't tried Vixen yet, it'll be free on Amazon Kindle March 22 and 23 (I'll post a reminder next week here and on Twitter). Also, sign up for my newsletter (form in the top of the right hand column), and be the first to read an upcoming short story about Cara, a witch Su meets in Charleston's research complex. Finally, I'll be doing a giveaway for a paperback of Vixen sometime soonish, so if you want to make sure you hear about it, sign up for my newsletter, follow me on Twitter (link over there to the right somewhere), or follow this blog via Google.

I'm pretty sure there was something else I was going to say, but I've forgotten what it was.

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