Friday, May 18, 2012

A Few Little Updates

I am trying to get my schedule back into shape so I can continue my exploration of the Urban Fantasy genre and get caught up on posting reviews of things I've read recently. In the meantime, here are a few quick updates:

You may or may not have noticed that the paperback is currently unavailable. This is temporary. We've uploaded a new version of both the interior and the cover, and are now just waiting for the proof. The changes were very minor, so if you already bought the book, don't worry. There were a very few typos corrected, and we re-paginated the sample chapter of Hexen at the end, so it wouldn't look like it was an accidental repeat of chapter one. As for the cover, it just got a couple of cosmetic tweaks that were things we thought were fixed the first time around, but snuck through anyway. Without seeing the two versions side-by-side, they may not even be noticeable.

I had really hoped to at least have the e-book version of Hexen available by now, but I have someone copyediting, and she's quite busy, and I think it will be worth the wait. I'm aiming for the end of this month for the e-verison and the end of June for the paperback, but I'll post updates as I have them. We have been through one round of edits, so with luck once I get this one back it'll be ready to go.

Book 3
I had been calling Book 3 of the Others Series Koldun, and the Su/Evgeny storyline was going to be a trilogy, after which I'd either delve more into Cara (of the short story "Cara") and her developing relationship with Magne, or I'd dip into the story of Alex's ancestor Rose-Perle and her relationship with Su's ancestor SigrĂșn. Or possibly, I though I might explore the mysterious Karasu, who you'll meet near the end of Hexen.

Alas, my characters and stories don't always do what I think they will. Su and Evgeny's story is going to be two more books, the second of which (the fourth in the series) will be Koldun (though it actually takes place at the same time as the first (the third in the series)). So the book I'm now writing is what happens to Su right after Hexen, and will probably incorporate a lot (or all) of what was going to be the story of Su's and Alex's ancestors. The working title is Familiar.