Monday, December 26, 2011

It's Out! Vixen is Out!

I'll write a little about why I changed the title of the new novel (and the typefaces on the cover) later on, but for now holycrapit'sinthekindlestore!

Ahem. Yes, well.

My new novel Vixen is now available for purchase from Amazon for the Kindle. We're getting error messages on Smashwords, trying to add a "ghost" profile for me under the White Raven Press account, so it's not available there yet, but it will be soon. It should also be available direct from the WRP website sometime in January, once the site overhaul is complete (I won't link there for now, since there's not much to look at).

The paperback will also be out next month. It's being formatted now. (Well, probably not right now, since it's early Boxing Day morning as I write this, but soon.)